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Our Story

Simple ingredients, grown by the sun.

Simple ingredients, grown by the sun.

Sun Barn™ was born out of the desire to provide children with a whole ingredient snack for at home and on the go. I was looking for something simple, transparent and full of only the good stuff. When I couldn't find this, I decided to create a way for parents to give their babies and toddlers a whole ingredient snack with no fillers or binding agents. 

My daughter was the inspiration behind Sun Barn. Her name has Nordic roots, and when thinking of a company name, I looked North again, drawing inspiration from our company ideals of healthy snacks for children, transparency, and organic fruits and vegetables. In Norwegian, "sunt barn" means healthy child and gave me the vision of the sun helping to grow not only healthy ingredients for our snacks but also growing healthy children.


Sun Barn™ exists to empower parents with a simple, organic and trustworthy choice for their kiddo's nourishment.


  • No binding agents or preservatives
  • Simple whole ingredients
  • Trustworthy and dependable
  • Easy on the go snacks